William H. Macy Said He Wanted to Give Daughters 'a Leg up' Before College Admission Scandal

William H. Macy's prior quotes about giving his daughter a "leg up" have resurfaced in light of the college admission bribery scandal.

Macy shares two daughters with actress Felicity Huffman, though he was not charged in connection with "operation varsity blue." Still, as Huffman awaits her sentencing for allegedly paying $15,000 to get their daughters into college, some of Macy's past comments are raising some eyebrows.

Macy spoke about nepotism in Hollywood back in 2004 during the press junket for his movie Cellular. At the time, he told reporters from Entertainment Tonight that he did not see the problem with helping his daughters out however he could.

"One can help your children in this business, and the nepotism works, and I have no problems with it," he said. "If I can give them a leg up, I absolutely would. It's a great way to make a living. It really is."

So far, it does not look like Macy and Huffman's daughters have pursued a career in Hollywood, and Macy may rethink his stated philosophy if they ever do. In the meantime, he and his wife are working through the painful scenario of her guilty plea.

Huffman announced that she had agreed to plead guilty in the bribery case on Monday. The actress faces charges of conspiracy to commit mail fraud and honest services mail fraud. In a statement published by E! News, she expressed a lot of guilt over her actions.

"I am pleading guilty to the charge brought against me by the United States Attorney's Office. I am in full acceptance of my guilt, and with deep regret and shame over what I have done, I accept full responsibility for my actions and will accept the consequences that stem from those actions," Huffman said in her statement. "I am ashamed of the pain I have caused my daughter, my family, my friends, my colleagues and the educational community."


Huffman also took pains to make it clear that her daughter was not aware of the bribery and was innocent.

"My daughter knew absolutely nothing about my actions, and in my misguided and profoundly wrong way, I have betrayed her," the actress said. "This transgression toward her and the public I will carry for the rest of my life. My desire to help my daughter is no excuse to break the law or engage in dishonesty."