Selena Gomez’s Mother Goes on Bizarre Social Media Rant

Selena Gomez's mother, Mandy Teefey, has been overshadowing her daughter in the headlines these days — offering comments on everything from the actress's health, to Justin Bieber, to Woody Allen.

After several months of being a questionable source of news on her daughter's feelings and activities, Teefey posted a rambling essay on Facebook on Tuesday, establishing her positions and explaining why she'll be less vocal in the future. The original post has since been deleted, but it assumed viral status, with screenshots and quotes still circulating social media.

"This is my LAST and ONLY comment in regards to media/comments," she wrote. "Kardashians are not a stupid and exploitive [sic] family. They are very smart and hardworking business people. Why? Because the media and other people would be destroying their family irregardless [sic] and would leave them separated, paranoid and in a constant battle. Therefore they stick together as a family and control it themselves so they keep what's important, family."

Teefey drew many parallels between Gomez and Princess Diana, who she says was "thrushed [sic] into a royal family… that could crush her livelihood for a misstep."

"I have done 1 official interview in Selena's entire career about Selena for E! with her consent," Teefey wrote. "I have done nothing but protect my child her entire career against vile people that have way more power than me, even after I was no longer managing because I am her mom… Diana took on the royal family and was drug [sic] through the mud because she did not want her sons to live the life she had to."

Teefey clearly denied doing an interview with Gossip Cop, in which it was reported that she voiced her dislike of Justin Bieber.

"I do confirm or deny certain stories," she went on. "I was drug through the mud the entire month of December in the media and did not say a word… I shared more than not true in my debunk because I am tired of being accused of things that were not true and the lies coming from the people around Selena being put in the press and in her head."

Finally, Teefey came to her most recent inflammatory comments: those about Woody Allen. While responding to a fan in an Instagram comment on Tuesday, she wrote, "Sorry, no one can make Selena do anything she doesn't want to. I had a long talk with her about not working with [Allen] and it didn't click… She makes all her own decisions. No matter how hard you try to advise. It falls on deaf ears."

Teefey defended the open dialogue with fans in her long-winded post.

"I answered the Woody Allen question because they were attacking her team and telling me to make her apologize," she wrote. "I get attacked for controlling her and then get told to control her. I am a mom first. But I am also my own person. She does not have to apologize for her choices, but let it be known that they are hers."

Teefey went on to describe how fame has fundamentally changed her life and her relationship with her daughter.

"I have a trunk full of secrets and evidence of the real monsters that have come through our life," she wrote. "People know that and attack me because of fear."

"I love my daughter, I have done nothing but help her dreams come true and protect her, but there is so much unknown to the world and more false information than truth. I taught Selena to be a strong woman, but as everyone in their 20s she is finding herself," she concluded.

"I am a threat to the people who are trying to take advantage of her because she knows she can trust me and I love her. I will always be her mother. If she hasn't muttered anger about me than I have not done my job as a mother," she added.


Teefey has been silent across social media since the post was deleted.

Gomez and her representatives have yet to comment on Teefey's post.