Paula Abdul Mourns Loss of Father Harry Abdul, Dead at 85

Paula Abdul's father, Harry Abdul, has reportedly passed away just one year after the singer lost her mother.

Harry Abdul has died at the age of 85, according to a report by Radar Online. He had fought a long, hard battle against Alzheimer's disease in recent years, and is now at rest. The report was published on Wednesday, although the actual date of Harry's passing is still unclear.

Abdul herself soon confirmed the report in a series of emotional tweets. The 56-year-old singer wrote that her father was universally beloved, and about his numerous joys and accomplishments in life.

"Everyone loved my father," she wrote. "He had a heart of gold and carried his heart on his sleeve wherever he went, and shared it with everyone he came in contact with. Isn't it a beautiful gift that I still feel his spirit with me?"

Abdul included the uncredited quote: "Dad: a daughters first love," as well as a video clip of herself and her father together. She continued in a subsequent tweet.

"My Father was, and always will be, my superhero," she wrote. "Thank you ALL for the heartfelt condolences. Your love and support is comforting me during this difficult time. xoP."

This loss comes hot on the heels of the death of Abdul's mother in the January of 2018. Lorraine Abdul, too, was 85 years old when she passed away. Her cause of death has not been publicly released.

Sources close to Abdul told Radar Online that the two deaths in such quick succession are taking a toll on her. The singer is reportedly putting on a brave front, but is grappling with grief behind the scenes.

"First, Paula's mom dies and now her dad is gone," an insider recounted. "It's like an emotional one-two punch."

Abdul reportedly told a friend that she had some meaningful talks with her father before his passing, relating their relationship to some of her music.

"I told my dad once that I'll be 'forever his girl' — just like my song! And I meant it," she reportedly said.


Abdul was equally emotional on social media at the time of her mother's passing last year. The singer reflected on Lorraine's long life and the significant moments they shared together.

"This moment from my visit to Israel is one I think of often. Pausing to watch all the vibrant life going on," she tweeted at the time. "EVERY MOMENT of life should be savored & treasured, whether we're alone or w/ people we love."