Nikki Bella Gets Brutally Honest About Her Body Changes During Pregnancy

Nikki Bella is getting real about the changes pregnancy is having on her body as she and husband-to-be Artem Chigvintsev await the birth of their first child. The Total Bellas star, 36, shared the ins and outs of her motherhood journey alongside a filter-free photo of the expectant parents cozying up as they quarantine together in Arizona amid the coronavirus pandemic.

"Time for that no filter post," she began, listing how things in her body have transformed over the last few months. "Pregnancy has given me pigmentation on my cheeks and upper lip with a growing bump that makes me smile everyday. Quarantine has reminded me of the sparkles (grays) and wild eyebrows I have and the goals I have made throughout my life and want to focus more on."

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"Oh and that I have an amazing chef as a fiancé!" she continued. "Who's trying to make me gain a lot more pounds than my thighs that are already touching and rubbing would like. Can't wait for my Laser Away appointments after breast feeding bc I have realized there is no boundary to where, when and how much your hair wants to grow. (I'm officially becoming Brie lol!!)"

Learning how to sleep on her side as Bella's belly grows has especially been a challenge, not only because of the neck pain it's introduced, but also the "fun friends that have joined [her cheeks] (pimples lol)." But despite missing the spa treatments she would normally rely on to banish these pesky problems, Bella had an optimistic view on how quarantining has changed her pregnancy journey.

"But goodness it's pretty amazing to start to see the real, natural you again right?" she asked. "Without all the beauty appointments and makeup everyday. I hope in this time we can start to love ourselves more. Appreciate the flaws, the changes, our age. I'm going through a lot of course bc of pregnancy but goodness when I feel my baby kick or move, I don't care how many pounds I have gained, or skin changes I have, or pain that feeling is unlike anything I have ever experienced."


She concluded, "It makes me smile so big every time. The love is already greater than any other! Excited for the rest of this journey called the miracle of life. Hope to connect more with all you mommies on here."