Nick Lachey's Kids With Wife Vanessa: What to Know

Nick Lachey and Vanessa Lachey will be celebrating their tenth wedding anniversary later this year. The pair wed in July 2011, five years after Vanessa played the love interest in Nick's music video for "What's Left of Me." Since then, the couple has welcomed three children together — Camden, 8, Brooklyn, 6, and Phoenix, 4.

Nick and Vanessa welcomed their first child, son Camden, in September 2012. They welcomed their second child, daughter Brooklyn, less than three years later in January 2015. Vanessa gave birth to the couple's third child, son Phoenix, in December 2016. Over the years, both Nick and Vanessa have opened up about their parenting styles. Additionally, they've also shared whether or not they plan on adding to their family.

In February 2020, during Vanessa's appearance on Tamron Hall, she said that they were done having children. She told the host, per Us Weekly, "The shop is closed." The Love is Blind host went on to stress that she wouldn't want to "disrespect" the "blessing of getting pregnant," but she is done having kids. A few months earlier, Vanessa told about whether she and Nick will have more kids, "I love babies. If it wasn't a physical or financial issue, I'd probably have like 10 babies. Kids are fun. They challenge every aspect of you, good and bad, and they put you in check, and they're the best therapy for a marriage I think because you end up talking through your kids to your spouse in all the best ways."


As for how Nick and Vanessa parent their three kids, the former Total Request Live host said earlier this year that they do make sure to engage in PDA in front of their children in order to show them what a healthy relationship looks like. She explained to Us Weekly that they "don't make it inappropriate" and added, "We hug and kiss. We'll do a sandwich where it's Mommy and Daddy hugging you in the middle and kissing you in the middle. That physical connection is very important and that show of affection. … We need to remind ourselves that physical touch is good and OK." During her interview with the publication, Vanessa also praised her husband for having "redefined his role [as a father], stepped up and stepped in" amid the COVID-19 pandemic.