Mel B Concerned Man Stephen Belafonte Has Babysitting Daughter Is Exploiting 7-Year-Old for Information in Divorce

Mel B is taking even more legal action against ex-husband Stephen Belafonte, and this time its over childcare.

The America's Got Talent judge is concerning about about a man named Russell Updergraff, who is apparently responsible for watching the ex-couple's 7-year-old daughter Madison when Belafonte is out. According to legal documents obtained by The Blast, she describes Updergraff as a "60-year-old club promoter" who abuses drugs and alcohol.

Another alarming aspect to Mel (real name Melanie Brown) is his apparent desire to "deliberately damage and attempt to destroy" the Spice Girls member's reputation. Mel accuses Updergraff of "Selling false stories" about her to media outlets for money. She also thinks he is sharing false information to Madison in an attempt to turn the child against Mel and her mother, Andrea Brown.

The evidence Mel cites is an insulting text Updergraff sent Andrea.

"I'm with your granddaughter all day and now they will now just how horrible you really are," Updergraff allegedly wrote. "Your (sic) nothing but a two faced back stabbing thick headed white trash slag."

Mel apparently tried to settle the matter with Belafonte outside of court, but that apparently only resulted in more drama. After pushing Belafonte to replace Updergraff, the babysitter allegedly sent another harassing message to Andrea.

"I'm the wrong queen to f— with," he allegedly wrote. "Now she will never ever see those kids if I have anything to do with it."

Mel wants the courts to step in and force Belafonte to find a new and properly vetted babysitter.

This entire issues plays into a long line of messy legal battles for the ex-couple. Mel B recently accused Belafonte of blocking Madison from contacting her.

"(He's) doing this in an attempt to either alienate Madison from me and get her to believe that I am not thinking or caring about her," Mel alleged in legal documents.

Mel has also accused her ex of numerous other startling actions, but he adamantly denies them all.


"She said horrifically bizarre things, that I beat her, I ran a pornography company, I was a sex trafficker, I beat our dog, random things to garner some attention," Belafonte recently told The Daily Mail. "I could not stop what Melanie started. She made these allegations to get a tactical advantage. She wanted everything, all the money and full custody of Madison."

He continued, "She knows when she goes out and makes these allegations, they're going to go everywhere, she did it purposefully. She did it to try to bash me so I would have to take her deal. But she doesn't understand one thing about me - I could lose it all, but I'm never gonna lose my daughter. When she took her away I just had to work harder to get her back."