Matt Damon Reveals the Sweet Gift Harry Styles Gave His Daughter

Matt Damon's 15-year-old daughter Isabella is one of Harry Styles' many fans, which made one of her Christmas gifts from her parents last year one to remember. During an interview with Tara Hitchcock, Damon opened up about the memorable present, which was made possible with some help from the "Watermelon Sugar" singer.

"Last Christmas, my wife, it was a one-two punch," Damon recalled. "We gave my 15-year-old a life-size cardboard cutout of Harry Styles. Harry Styles did a little video and said 'Hello' to her, and she lost her mind. I think that was the best we've done so far. I don't know how we'll top it." The Oscar winner noted that he "didn't know" Styles was going to record the video. "I am forever grateful to him," he said. "I really owe him one. I don't know how I would ever repay or what I could possibly repay with, but that was pretty cool."

While the gift was a hit, Damon shared in another recent interview that Isabella still finds ways to keep her famous dad's feet "firmly on the ground." During an appearance on CBS Sunday Morning earlier this month, he was asked whether fans still associate him with his 1997 film Good Will Hunting, which he starred in and co-wrote with his good friend Ben Affleck.

"Sure, yeah — fewer and fewer," Damon replied. "You know, younger people don't know it as much. You know, my 15-year-old refuses to see it. She doesn't want to see any movies that I'm in that she thinks might be good." The actor joked that his daughter "just likes to give me s—" before recalling Isabella's review of his 2017 film The Great Wall. "My daughter said, 'Yeah, remember that movie you did, The Wall?' I said, 'It was called The Great Wall.' She goes, 'Dad, there's nothing great about that movie,'" he said, adding, "She keeps my feet firmly on the ground."

The 50-year-old's recent round of press has been promoting his new film, Stillwater, in which he plays an oil rig worker who travels to France to exonerate his daughter. The Oscar winner's family has a rule where they aren't apart for more than two weeks at a time, and Damon shared that Stillwater was the first movie that "violated" that rule. Along with Isabella, Damon and wife Luciana Barroso share daughters Gia, 12, and Stella, 10, and Luciana also has an adult daughter, Alexia, from a previous marriage.


Damon shared that while it was "really tough" to leave his family, he agreed to take the role after a "family meeting." "I like that they know that they love my job," he said of his daughters. "They know it's time-consuming and that it's a lot of work and that it fills me up."