Mandy Moore Gives Health Update After Experiencing Pregnancy Complications

A month after welcoming son August 'Gus' Harrison with husband Taylor Goldsmith, Mandy Moore is [...]

A month after welcoming son August "Gus" Harrison with husband Taylor Goldsmith, Mandy Moore is giving fans an update on her health. The 36-year-old experienced complications throughout her pregnancy, and on Friday, she revealed that she is still suffering from low blood platelets after giving birth to her first child.

Moore gave the update on her Instagram Story, where, according to Us Weekly, the mom of one shared a photo of herself at the doctor's office. Moore told her fans she was "back at the hematologist to see if my platelets have gone up since having the baby." In a follow-up post, the This Is Us actress explained that while her "platelets are going up," her platelet count is "still not great." Moore also asked her "friends with low platelets" what has worked for them, explaining that she has taken "iron, B12 and folate … and ate all the lentils and dark leafy greens, etc" in an effort to bring her count back up. The actress said she is "on a mission to do whatever I can to get them to a solid place, so I don't have to wonder or worry during the next pregnancy."

In her update, Moore also noted that she has to wait a few more months "to absolutely confirm that it's in fact ITP and wasn't gestational thrombocytopenia." While both conditions involve a low platelet count, ITP, or immune thrombocytopenic purpura, is not typically related to pregnancy. The Mayo Clinic notes that "thrombocytopenia caused by pregnancy is usually mild and improves soon after childbirth." According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, gestational thrombocytopenia is common and occurs in between seven and 10 percent of pregnancies at delivery.

Moore's struggles with platelet count began amid her first pregnancy. The actress welcomed Gus back on Feb. 20, though she was forced to change her birth plan due to her low platelet count. Documenting her journey to motherhood for her fans, the actress in a February update revealed that her platelets had dropped "exponentially." Due to her dropping platelets, she told fans "it's sadly altered my birth 'plan.'" Speaking on the Informed Pregnancy Podcast with Dr. Elliot Berlin in March, the new mom said her original "plan was to do an unmedicated home birth," but "things had to shift and I was getting to go to the hospital and still have midwifery care." Due to her platelets dropping "exponentially" during labor, an epidural "wasn't on the table" for Moore. While the actress called her birthing experience "harrowing," she said she "can't wait to do it again."