Kate Middleton Stuns Social Media With How Amazing She Looks After Giving Birth

The world of social media is marvelling at Kate Middleton, who looked stunning and regal after giving birth to her third child on Monday morning.

Middleton and Prince William greeted the press on the steps of the hospital on Monday, within hours of the royal birth. As photos emerged and began circulating on Twitter, users commented on how impeccable Middleton looked, especially considering that she was in the delivery room that morning.

Middleton gave birth on her projected due date of April 23. The baby boy was born weighing 8 lbs., 7 oz. After he was delivered, Prince William left briefly to pick up the couple's other two children, so that they could get a proper introduction before the prince was presented to the rest of the world.

When Middleton emerged onto the hospital steps, she wore a red dress with a white lace collar. On Twitter, some people couldn't believe the new mom could look so put together after the ordeal of childbirth.

"Can you believe Kate Middleton invented perfection?" wrote one user.

"I am starting to think Kate Middleton isn't human," joked another. "How does she always look like a goddess after giving birth?"

"Like we haven't even had a full work day and she's already popped out a baby and went out in public," commented a third.

"How Kate Middleton has a baby less than 8 hrs ago and is looking flawless as she leaves the hospital at 6pm I dunno," wrote one person, adding, "Literally must have gave birth, showered, had her hair and makeup done and put her outfit on, I've never had a baby, but how anyone can be arsed to do that after giving birth I dunno either."

A spokesperson for Kensington Palace confirmed through Twitter that Middleton will be out of the hospital by this evening.

"Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge will be leaving St. Mary's Hospital this evening," they wrote. "The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their son will travel home to Kensington Palace."


"Their Royal Highnesses would like to thank all staff at the hospital for the care and treatment they have received. They would also like to thank everyone for their warm wishes," they added later.

British royalty fanatics have been camped outside of St. Mary's Hospital for weeks, hoping for a glimpse of the new family member. Middleton gave birth to her last son, Prince George, in the private maternity unit there as well.