Kate Hudson Stands up for Brother Oliver Amidst Backlash From Mom Goldie Hawn's Fans

Some Goldie Hawn fans didn't like his comments about growing up as the actress' child.

Kate Hudson will always have her bother Oliver's back. Growing up as children of a Hollywood starlet isn't easy. And Oliver received some backlash online after speaking about the trauma he says he suffered as a child from his mother's lifestyle. In an episode of the podcast Sibling Revelry, he clarified that the trauma came from the perspective of his 5-year-old self. The Bride Wars star says she told her bother to block all negativity on his social media. 

"He was talking about how he's afraid to say anything because he feels like things get picked up negatively ... and I was like, 'Who cares?' And then I really started thinking about it. I'm like, people do care, actually," Kate said in a TikTok video.

"That's what I was doing. Without her, again, I'd be nothing," he said. "It's more about sort of my child feelings in that moment, rather than me, how I feel about mom as a parent." Kate explained she was absent from filming, joking that her brother was unsupervised. In the TikTok video, Kate stated that people like herself and her brother "get used to" people being negative when growing up in the spotlight.


Random thinkings…. 💡 BLOCK THE NEGATIVE SEEKERS ❌ They take too much undeserved energy ☀️🤍 #makeuptalk

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"Then, you kinda realize that a lot of those people don't really exist. Like, you go, 'Wow, who's this person being so mean to me on here?' And then you go on there and they have zero followers and they have zero posts, and you're like, 'Oh, s---, it's a [fake account].' It's either a troll or it's someone that doesn't even exist. Or someone's actually legitimately trying to make you feel or look bad," she added of the negative comments from social media users.

Kate says everyone, not just celebrities or children of celebrities, can relate to hatred coming from social media. "You, as the person they're scrutinizing, need to remember that any, any person who is doing that is one of a couple things: One, jealous. Two, not well. Three, incredibly, deeply unhappy. ... Four, bored as f---. And five, I'll just end with this one, even if they're kinda sane or whatever, they're definitely not the kind of person you'd be friends with," she said.

As for how to deal with it, Kate advises, "Don't worry about it," adding: "That's what I said to my brother today: It just doesn't matter," she explained. "No one really cares, and those who are writing all that stuff and it's, like, loud and it feels bad ... just remember what I'm saying. These are not people you'd hang out with. These aren't people you'd break bread with. These aren't people who will enrich your life — so just block 'em! Block 'em. Block, delete, bye."