Jessica Simpson Breaks Her Bathroom: 'Don’t Lean Back on the Toilet When Pregnant'

Jessica Simpson's pregnancy troubles are continuing, with the star recently revealing that she accidentally broke an item in her house.

The 38-year-old fashion designer, who is currently pregnant with her third child, took to Twitter Tuesday night to reveal her latest pregnancy mishap: a broken toilet seat.

"Warning...Don't lean back on the toilet when pregnant," she captioned a photo of herself holding the broken-off piece of her toilet.

Thankfully for Simpson, she wasn't the only one with the embarrassing detail in their pregnancy journey, many fans taking to the comments admitted that they also broke the toilet while they were pregnant.

"Been there done that when I was pregnant, only it was my mum & dads toilet seat," one person wrote.

Others revealed that while they hadn't broken the toilet, other items in their bathroom, and throughout their homes, didn't fare that well.

"Hahahahaha I pulled the soap dish off while pregnant and trying to get out of the tub," one person wrote.

"My moms lounge chair by her pool was rusting but you couldn't see it and it broke when I was 8 months pregnant I just stayed on the ground crying until they found the rusted part," another commented.

Simpson has been open about the difficulties of her latest pregnancy with fans. Just hours before revealing her mishap in the bathroom, she admitted that she indulged in a little retail therapy because she's suffering from acid reflux.

"Severe pregnancy acid reflux has led to the purchase of my very own sleep recliner," she captioned a photo of herself lounging in her new chair.

(Photo: Instagram / @jessicasimpson)

Just days before that, she opened up about how she had been suffering from "a month of sciatica pain, followed by 3 weeks of Bronchitis," as well as extremely swollen feet.

Her honesty about her pregnancy struggles has led to a wave of fans commenting their support and cheering her on, with many taking to the comments sections of her posts, both on Twitter and Instagram, to tell their own tales of pregnancy embarrassments and struggles.

Despite the difficulties, Simpson is "doing great," according to her sister, Ashlee Simpson.


Simpson announced in in September that she and husband Eric Johnson are expecting their child together, a little girl that will be named Birdie. Baby Birdie will join the couple's two other children, 5-year-old son Ace Knute and 6-year-old daughter Maxwell "Maxi" Drew.