'Jersey Shore' Star JWoww's Estranged Husband Talks 'Adversities' After Son's Autism Diagnosis Revealed

Jersey Shore star Jenni "JWoww" Farley's estranged husband Roger Mathews has opened up about "adversities," following the news of their son Greyson's autism diagnosis.

Mathews took to Instagram to share a photo of some pictures that the couple's daughter 4-year-old daughter Meilani drew for him and included a cryptic message.

"Woke up to these colorings my daughter left for me on the kitchen table and this scripture text from my Dad," he wrote. "We all have adversities in our lives to over come but we could not do it without the love and support of those we care about the most."

"Gonna do my best to have a positive day today. I hope you do as well," Mathews added. "It's all part of the journey. There will be obstacles."

(Photo: Roger Mathews / Instagram)

Mathews' post comes after Farley shared the news that their son Greyson was clinically diagnosed with autism.

"He has co-therapies [every] week but we're going to step it up a notch soon and get him ABA treatments, speech therapy," she explained while speaking to Hollywood Life.

"He's made leaps and bounds when it comes to speech," the reality TV star continued. "He's understanding words better which was his issue. Not that he couldn't speak, but he would never know what his shoe is or if you said, 'Greyson,' he actually didn't even know his name at one point until he was a little over two. So now that he's understanding simple words, he's come so far."

Farley also shared that in only a few short weeks Greyson's development has improved greatly. "He only did 'blue' for a year and within the last two weeks he knows green, yellow, red, white and he's [doing sign language] so much more," she shared, adding, "I'm like a proud mom over here."

The mother-of-two also revealed that one of the biggest issues the family has faced is that Greyson and Meilani have a difficult time communicating with one another.

"It's just a challenge and it's getting him to hang in with Meilani which is the biggest challenge," the reality TV star stated. "Whenever you have two kids that are on two different wave lengths, it's always amusing, but Meilani still thinks she's an only child which is also an issue."


Farley and Mathews are currently split, with reports indicating that she is not interested in rekindling the relationship while he would like to work out their differences and stay together.