Jennifer Garner Reveals Two of Her and Ben Affleck's Kids Are Returning to School Fully Vaccinated

Parenting during the pandemic has been a difficult thing to navigate, especially with kids back in school. Jennifer Garner opened up on Instagram about some of her worries and revealed that two out of three of her children that she shares with her ex-husband Ben Affleck are fully vaccinated. Her daughters Violet, 15, and Seraphina, 12, are fully vaccinated, while her 9-year-old son Samuel is still too young.

"The school year starts in dribs and drabs, but today's the real deal for my family—we are back. 3/3 masked, 2/3 vaxxed (soon, please, 11 and under), every one eager, tentative, bold, vulnerable and—as far as I can tell—smiling under the 3-ply," Garner wrote. "Thank you teachers, thank you administrators, thank you school staff—for being on the receiving end of a year and a half of feelings (kids' and parents')—big and loud, quiet and deep. Thank you science for getting us this far and this much closer to health and freedom. Thank you for moms in your corner and gallows humor and the sun that rises, no matter what. And please, God, hold us in the palm of your hands."

Garner told Good Morning America in May that her family has managed to stay healthy during the coronavirus pandemic, saying that they were "pretty lucky" and "cannot complain" since they've avoided any major scares. "There is something really lovely about just having everyone under a roof," she explained, despite the challenges." "Looking back, I feel like we had a lot of fun; we managed to have some fun. I'm grateful for that."

Still, she admitted In a different interview that it wasn't without its challenges. "This has been such a hard year for moms," Garner told ET in March. "We have had to say 'No, no, no.' We've had to watch our kids be home, miss out on things." The Yes Day star explained that while It's difficult to "miss out on something as an adult," seeing her children "isolated on Zoom" all day long instead of playing with friends and enjoying being kids was "hard."