Jenna Dewan's Fiance Steve Kazee Posts Seemingly 'Strange Picture' in Honor of Mother's Day

Jenna Dewan is celebrating her first Mother's Day with fiance Steve Kazee and their son Callum Michael Rebel Kazee. In honor of the big day, Kazee paid some special attention to Dewan just a few months after she gave birth to their son.

The catch, though, was that Kazee's post wasn't of the traditional sense. He even admitted so in his Instagram post. "At first glance this may seem like a strange picture to choose to show my love and appreciation for you on this Mother’s Day but upon closer inspection you can see why it is the absolute perfect picture for the occasion. Here you are at 9pm after a long day of feeding one child and wrangling another. Here you are pumping even more milk. Here you are after two months of doing that same thing every single day. Here you are exhausted and delirious," Kazee wrote. "Here you are not knowing what day it is. Here you are under a quarantine in the middle of a global pandemic. Here you are in the middle of true adversity.

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" you are...smiling. Like you always do. It’s no surprise to me. This is how you do everything. You smile and you make everything around you better. You have given me the most wonderful little boy I could have ever asked for. You have given me the most amazing (soon to be) step daughter. You have kept me smiling through all of this even when I struggle the most. These are extraordinary times and you are a shining example for the rest of us, especially me, of what to strive for in this life. You are an incredible mother. Our children are lucky to have you. No matter what this world brings you are always ready for it. Always with grace. Always with a smile. I love you. Happy Mother’s Day!"

Earlier in the month, Kazee shared a special post regarding Callum's two-month birthday. "You give me hope. You give me love. You give me everything. I will never stop trying to give you all that and more in return. I love you son! Happy 2 months Callum!" Dewan and Kazee got engaged in February with Dewan writing in an Instagram post, "A lifetime to love and grow with you…you have my heart."