'Home Town': Ben and Erin Napier Have the Sweetest Family Tradition With Daughter Helen

Home Town host Erin Napier reveals her family has the sweetest before-bed routine with their young toddler Helen. Napier posted a photo to Instagram of the family all touching their index fingers with one another –– which is something the household does quite often, Napier said in the caption. "'I need a family touch, mama daddy,'" she said, quoting the couple's 3-year-old. "Our family “handshake” at bedtime and when we leave for work that I hope we never stop doing."

The intimate moment sparked an outpour of supporting stories from fans in the comment section. "Too sweet!!! My wife and I started doing that when we first got married and taught our son that you do that when you really love someone. Every now and then he will just walk up to us and want to do it. Melts my heart," someone left underneath the post.

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The couple recently spoke with Us Weekly and discussed the possibility of growing their family. “We’ve talked about it, but we kind of put that in God’s hands,” Ben Napier, 37, told the magazine on Jan. 13. “We weren’t trying to get pregnant with Helen and it happened. If that’s what God wants for us then it’ll happen again.”

Erin also shared how their daughter Helen had grown so much in the three years they've raised her. In addition to being quite the conversationalist, the young child also has a big imagination, Napier shared. "She watches movies and gets crushes on little boys, like Elliott on E.T. is who she’s going to marry. She’s gotten married. She gets a blanket off the couch, she wraps it around her head and says it’s her wedding dress and her veil and that she is marrying Elliot. I don’t know where she comes up with this stuff!”

The duo remains busy working on Ben Napier's Discovery+ spinoff Home Town: Ben’s Workshop, which also features an episode with two famous family friends, country music star Chris Lane and Bachelor alum Lauren Bushnell. The now-experienced father gave the couple some helpful parenting advice while talking to the couple, saying, "The biggest thing that I tell everyone is no one warned us that the first night at home from the hospital was going to be terrible.” Home Town: Ben's Workshop is currently streaming on Discovery+, and new episodes of Home Town air on HGTV Sundays at 8 p.m. ET.