Gisele Bundchen's Mom Has Died: Vania Nonnenmacher Was 75

The former Victoria's Secret model is mourning the loss.

Gisele Bundchen's mother, Vania Nonnenmacher, has passed away at 75. According to GZH in Brazil (via Page Six), the model's mother passed away in the hospital after a struggle with cancer.

Nonnenmacher was a retired banker at Banco do Brasil and had six daughters, including Gisele, with university professor Valdir Bundchen. A reported wake is scheduled for Monday, with a farewell ceremony to be held after.

Bundchen was initially on a path to becoming a professional volleyball player until her mother enrolled her and her sisters Patricia and Gabriela in a modeling course. Her goal was to teach her daughters posture and confidence, but it also sparked Bundchen's monumental career.

Bundchen spoke about her life and the influence of her mother in a recent feature in Harper's Bazaar. One surprising influence is how her mother and father's health issues have prompted her health changes.

"I want to live the longest feeling the best that I can, but for me to achieve this, I have to make decisions today," Bundchen said. "You can have all the money in the world. If you don't have your health, it's not possible to buy it back."

The unfortunate loss was likely expected at some point, with the model's first post of 2024 showing her spending time with her entire family over the holidays. "Reconnecting with the essential," she wrote. "Sending love and wishing a happy and blessed 2024 to all!"

The loss of her mother is only the latest life shift and hurdle Bundchen has dealt with since her divorce from Tom Brady. This includes her immense success in reigniting her career in the wake of her split from the football icon. Hopefully, the family could prepare ahead of time and enjoy their final moments.