Angelina Jolie Takes Her Kids to Movie Amid Brad Pitt Custody Battle

Despite all the drama surrounding her break-up with Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie found time for some normal parenting activities on Saturday when she took most of the kids to the movies.

Jolie was photographed on the field trip by reporters from TMZ. They spotted the actress out in Los Angeles with four kids and two bodyguards. She had Zahara, 13; Shiloh, 12; Vivienne and Knox, both 10, with her. There is no word on where the other two children, Maddox and Pax, were at the time.

See the photos here.

Jolie's divorce from Pitt is heating up, as the actress has called Pitt out for not keeping up with his child support obligations. The dispute led to one of their most heated public exchanges yet, and Pitt's laywer, Lance Speigel, called it a "thinly-veiled effort to manipulate media coverage," according to a report by PEOPLE.

In court filings, Spiegel went on to claim that Pitt had "loaned" $8 million to Jolie so that she could purchase her house. He also said that his client gave her $1.3 million for "bills for the benefit of [Jolie] and the minor children."

Furthermore, Spiegel called out Jolie's claim that Pitt had not paid "meaningful child support," saying that those words were demonstrably false. He then laid out an accounting of Pitt's financial commitment to his family's welfare.

One way or another, it is looking less and less likely that the former power couple will make for civil co-parents after the dust settles. The two celebrities are reportedly prioritizing their custody battle over their own divorce, hoping to hammer out a mutually beneficial strategy for raising their famous family. This could draw out the process, however, and now that their privacy has slipped a bit, that may get harder to handle.

Rumors of a romance between Pitt and Jolie began while they were filming Mr. & Mrs. Smith, though at the time Pitt was in a highly publicized relationship with Jennifer Aniston. In fact, Jolie was accused of conspiring to break the couple up, though she always denied the claims. Nevertheless, in 2006, Jolie and Pitt announced their relationship for the first time by revealing that she was pregnant with his child.


The couple known as "Brangelina" did not actually marry until 2014. They were together for nearly a decade, raising three adopted children and three biological children together. Jolie applied for all of the adoptions as a single parent — two of which she had begun before she was involved with Pitt. When they returned to the U.S., however, Pitt adopted all of them as his own as well, and each one now carries the surname Jolie-Pitt.

The couple began their separation in 2016, just two years after they had finally tied the know. They cited irreconcilable differences.