Tweets Reveal Prince William Affair Rumor Going Viral

Royal fans are speaking out online after rumors surfaced that Prince William is having an affair [...]

Royal fans are speaking out online after rumors surfaced that Prince William is having an affair with long-time friend Rose Hanbury, Marchioness of Cholmondeley.

The rumors were first sparked in March after British tabloid The Sun reported an alleged feud between Hanbury and William's wife, Kate Middleton, which was supposedly a result of the Duke and Cambridge's infidelity. That feud escalated into rumors of an affair after the Daily Mail reported that both the royals and the Hunbury's had considered "legal action," according to Parade.

The rumors gained even more momentum after British reporter Giles Coren wrote in a since-deleted tweet, which was grabbed by another Twitter user before being taken down, that "everyone knows about the affair."

Although Buckingham Palace, and likewise the future king himself, is keeping mum on the reports, royal watchers are sounding off on social media and speculating whether or not the rumors hold any truth.

"How much tax money does the British monarchy give to the British media to keep quiet about Prince William's affair?" one person asked.

"No way. Prince William too intelligent to cheat on Kate. He has a very contented married life. He has a normal life with Kate's family when he needs to de stress," another wrote.

"A reminder that royal doesn't always mean loyal," one person tweeted.

Many others couldn't help but point out the vast difference in the coverage of the alleged affair, which has seen many British tabloids keeping mum, in contrast to the many scathing reports centered around Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex. Some have even alleged that the Royal Family is making a push to put the spotlight on the upcoming birth of Prince Harry and Markle's first child in an effort to move attention away from the alleged affair.

"The worst part is, The Prince William Affair story they're threatening to sue the media over is probably true," one person wrote. "90% of Meghan's stories were exaggerated, made up, blown out of proportion, or outright lies!"

"Meghan Markle will breathe and the British media will start slut shaming her for no reason but when prince William has an affair they barely talk about it," another wrote.

"I've heard rumors that Prince William had an affair, and when Prince Harry didn't like it, the other royals started a cover-up campaign by blaming Meghan for the rift between brothers," a third added. "Now comes Part II of #Royal Damage Control: Blame Meghan Edition."

Despite the rumors, Prince William and Kate Middleton have been spotted together on a number of occasions, and they even recently paid a visit to the expectant parents, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.