Tiger Woods Refutes Ex-Girlfriend Erica Herman's Claims About Oral Agreement

Tiger Woods is shooting back at his ex-girlfriend, Erica Herman, allegations about an oral contract they made during their romance. Entertainment Tonight reports that the golfer's trust responded to the claim that Herman could live in his mansion for 11 years, whether they were together or not. In her filing, she alleged that she she still had five years remaining in the mansion when they split up in October 2022. She wants to be compensated for being kicked out. Woods' lawyers argue that during their relationship," Mr. Woods invited Ms. Herman to live with him as his guest in the Residence. Mr. Woods never negotiated an oral tenancy agreement with Ms. Herman. Nor was there ever a written tenancy agreement between Mr. Woods or the Trust."

His response further claims that he "notified Ms. Herman that he was breaking off their relationship." He then made arrangements for her "to stay at a local luxury resort," and "provided funds she could apply toward a new residence." She responded to the breakup and being kicked out of the mansion by suing his trust. 

Woods' attorneys claim Herman's decision to sue the trust rather than Woods "is nothing more than a transparent attempt by Ms. Herman to avoid her contractual obligation to arbitrate and to gain leverage by litigating her disputes with Mr. Woods in a public forum."

She signed a  non-disclosure agreement (NDA) when they began dating in 2017. Woods' attorneys believe she's trying to have the NDA voided. But his lawyers say the NDA is valid. 

A source close to the golfer tells PEOPLE that "Tiger is livid" over the lawsuit, and that their relationship had grown stale. But sources from Herman's side tell a different story.

The source says that Herman "was more serious about a long-term commitment" than Woods was. The source adds that Herman "was there for him throughout the whole thing [ Woods' car accident in 2021], so she thinks that kind of loyalty is worth something."