Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne Met With a Marriage Counselor, Sources Say

(Photo: Instagram / @wiretappedtv)

Ozzy Osbourne is ready to make amends!

The rocker told estranged wife Sharon — who confirmed their separation on her talk show — that "he'll go to any lengths necessary to repair the damage," a source told Us Weekly, referring to the damage caused by Ozzy's alleged affair with his hairstylist.

The couple reportedly sat down for a "mediated discussion" with a marriage counselor because Ozzy wants his family back. The source said Ozzy has been begging Sharon to regain her trust.

However, Ozzy is scheduled to head out on his Black Sabbath world tour this summer.

"The Osbournes have been through thick and thin together and have stayed together through it all," the insider said. "This is putting them all through a really horrible time."


Despite the drama, Ozzy and Sharon appear to be amicable, at the very least, with Sharon making an appearance at Ozzfest to promote Black Sabbath.