Sarah Jessica Parker Shares Rare Photo of Twin Daughters on Their 7th Birthday

Fans of Sarah Jessica Parker and husband, Matthew Broderick, were treated to a rare and adorable photo of the couple's twin daughters. Loretta and Tabitha turned seven on Wednesday, according to Entertainment Tonight. So, the proud mom posted a photo of the two playing outside.

"Happy birthday to our lovely, funny, dear, surprising, sparkling and beloved Loretta and Tabitha who are 7 years old," Parker captioned on the picture.

The twins don't get all of their parent's affections, however. When their older brother, James, turned 13, Parker also shared a rare photo of her giving him a big kiss.

I might do this all day long. Cause I love himsez so. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JW! XXX, Mama

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"I might do this all day long. Cause I love himsez so," she said.

Though the family keeps their photos off social media for the most part, Parker is still up for sharing stories about those touching moments in parenthood. For example, she told ET in 2014 about the time her daughter Loretta decided to walk around in her high heels.

"Actually the first time Loretta put on a pair of my shoes, I was like, 'Wow, I can't believe this is really happening,' " Parker said with a smile. "There are those little feet in my shoes — those sort of images that you thing are sort of cliché, but then you're seeing them shuffle around, you know, not picking up their feet up but doing that shuffle in your shoes, and it was kind of tender."

Of course, soon after the Sex and the City star channeled her inner Carrie Bradshaw and realized just how pricey those heels were.


"It was kind of sweet, then I was like, 'no, be careful with that pair!' " she laughed.