'Riverdale' Stars Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse Officially Break up After 3 Years Together

Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse have broken up, a source close to the couple say. The real-life couple beloved by Riverdale fans have been together for three years, but an insider told Page Six this weekend that it is over. This follows weeks of speculation about the couple on social media.

Reinhart and Sprouse began as an on-screen couple on The CW's Riverdale, but soon took that romance to real life. Rumors of a break-up have been circulating for about a year now, and at times the couple has denied them. This time, however, a source said that "Cole and Lili split before the pandemic hit, and have been quarantining separately. They remain good friends."

So far, Reinhart and Sprouse have not commented on this new break-up report, but the hints seem stronger than ever. Perhaps most notably, their Riverdale co-star Skeet Ulrich recently hosted an Instagram Live Q&A with his girlfriend, Megan Blake Irwin. When asked about Reinhart and Sprouse, they seemed to confirm the break-up.

"I think they were a very cute couple," Ulrich said, with Irwin chiming in: "they were a very cute couple. They're both beautiful people."

There is no word on why the couple might have broken up, though their most recent rumor back in April concerned cheating allegations against Sprouse. At the time, Sprouse was photographed hanging out with model Kaia Gerber, and Riverdale fans flipped thinking that he was stepping out on Reinhart. Sprouse shot down these rumors in a few heated posts on his Instagram Stories.

"I tolerate a lot of rumors and slander from people online claiming to be my fans. Fans who feel entitled to my privacy precisely because I never indulge them," he wrote. "Attacking my friends, baseless accusations, leaking my address and sending death threats are all qualities of insanity and fanaticism."

"When I first stepped into a public relationship this was one of the foreseeable consequences. And while I truly never intended to indulge any part of my private life to the ravenous horde, it's clear my restraint in update them has allowed them to push their own agenda onto my habits and lifestyle," Sprouse went on. "So in conclusion — please eat my delectable plump a—."


At the time, even Reinhart defended Sprouse. She tweeted: "This is why people choose to keep their relationships private... this is why people don't have social media... because of this bullying. I don't tolerate any of that s—. Bully me? Sure fine, but attacking someone for literally no reason, just for the sake of a f—ing Twitter trend? Please... reassess yourself and your ego before you send another tweet into the abyss."

At the very least, this recent spat may hint that Sprouse and Reinhart are still friends. However, it will not keep Riverdale fans from being devastated.