Princess Eugenie Glimmers in Style Defying Third Dress for Wedding Reception

Princess Eugenie was pushing the boundaries of wedding wear with her third wedding weekend outfit, [...]

Princess Eugenie was pushing the boundaries of wedding wear with her third wedding weekend outfit, designer Samson Dougal revealed on Instagram Sunday.

The creative director and co-founder at Gainsbourg shared an exclusive sketch of the outfit with Harper's Bazaar, which showed a white mini dress paired with a silk pink biker jacket embroidered with "Mrs Brooksbank" in the princess' handwriting, in reference to her new husband Jack Brooksbank. The designer also shared a photo of the detailing on Instagram.

Princess Eugenie jacket
(Photo: Instagram/Samson Dougal)

Dougal told the magazine that while normally royal wedding attire sticks with the convention of a long formal gown, the princess' third look reflected the "fun and informality" of the reception's festival theme.

"The look is an exciting and unusual one for a royal wedding, and had to go with the feel of the day," Dougal said. "The three of us worked on possible ideas and directions and decided to go with a young and super fun aesthetic. Much like Eugenie, the look is totally unique, and full of fun. It's a simple party dress with a modern jacket."

"The jacket keeps it young and modern and doesn't take itself too seriously," Dougal added. "And to imagine a royal bride in a biker jacket celebrating her wedding at Windsor Castle – it's fun and unexpected."

It's also a modern take on a wedding look, which she kept from veering completely out of the realm of tradition by sticking with the white and pale pink colors for the entire weekend

"You only get married once and Eugenie wanted to stay with white for the weekends celebrations,"Dougal explained. "The addition of a pale pink jacket moves it forwards into day one of her marriage, especially with what is written in embroidery on the back."

The star of the show fashion-wise, of course, was the bride's Peter Pilotto gown, which showcased her scoliosis surgery scars from age 12 with a specifically-requested low back. Dougal said seeing her in the gown was the most special moment of the day, he added.

"For me, the highlight was seeing her walking up the steps of the church as her own woman," said Dougal. "She chose not to wear a veil and is defining her own modern look and beauty for herself. She's an amazingly strong person and her decision to show the scars from her teenage surgeries was courageous and beautiful. She is great example for young women everywhere."

Photo credit: Getty / WPA Pool