Paris Jackson Addresses Engagement Rumors

Paris Jackson and boyfriend Michael Snoddy are not engaged!

18-year-old Jackson came out on Twitter to address the engagement rumors that are hitting tabloids, according to ET. Though she is still dating, and clearly happy, with her boyfriend, the two are not ready to walk down the aisle.

"I think if I were engaged I would be the first to know," she tweeted. "How am I just now finding out about this?"

Of course, this isn't the first time Michael Jackson's daughter has had to set the record straight about what she is and isn't doing in her life on social media. She even made a comment about having to clarify other rumors shortly before the tweet.

"What's next, me running for president? My boyfriend and I become super villains and try to take over the world? Come on now."

Though, to be fair, either of those options would be cool. Especially because Jackson and Snoddy would make the cutest super villain couple out there, as seen in their most recent Instagram pic. Snoddy recently went to support Jackson at one of her photoshoots and posted a sweet picture of the two.

"So so proud of this girl!!" Snoddy captioned the image. "Of all the times she tags along to all my shows supporting me, it's cool to kick back and watch her do her magic for a change!"


See, they even support each other's careers! This duo is definitely setting up some major relationship goals.