Nikki Bella 'Feels So Good' Confirming Relationship With Artem Chigvintsev

Nikki Bella couldn't be happier to have her relationship with former Dancing With the Stars partner Artem Chigvintsev out in the public after months of hedging their romance, she told Us Weekly Wednesday.

"Oh my gosh. It feels so good!" the Total Bellas star said of being able to step out with her beau on the red carpet at last. "I don't have to hide it. I'm such a grabby person, like so PDA. And there'd be times I would just want to grab him so much, and then I'm like, 'Oh shoot, I got to pretend like I don't know you.' But it's fun. It's nice 'cause now it's kind of like having freedom. We could do whatever we want and it's all good."

Chigvintsev chimed in, adding that people made a "really quick assumption" about their relationship after they were first spotted out and about together following the end of Bella's engagement to John Cena in 2018.

"It was so new for both of us we didn't want everyone to jump to conclusions that it's going to lead to something serious," he explained. "And it did. … It was going fast."

Now that they can talk about their relationship, the two couldn't be happier to be spending time together.

"Artem is an amazing guy. You're really fun to date. We have the best date nights," the WWE Superstar gushed. "Anytime I'm, like, kind of sad or just having a hard day, he always shows up with a bouquet of flowers. And it's really cute and he just will do cute stuff. I remember when we were hiking one time and it was a beautiful sunset and he'll just do little, like a dip or like a few little dance moves. And as a woman, I can't tell you, but it makes us smile so big and it makes me feel so amazing."

The two even indulge in some serious binge-watching.


"We're obsessed with Love Island and The Hills," Bella added. "I think our favorite thing to do is we like to open up a bottle of wine, put on Lumineers, Pandora … He cooks dinner and then when he's done cooking dinner, we have our last glass of wine in bed watching Love Island."

Photo credit: Getty / David Livingston