Nikki Bella Gets Candid About Sex Life With 'DWTS' Pro Artem Chigvintsev

Nikki Bella seems very happy about her budding romance with Dancing With the Stars pro Artem Chigvintsev. In the podcast she co-hosts with her sister, Brie, the former WWE star got very honest about her sex life with the Russian dancer.

“When they say dancers are the best, let me tell ya: Once you have a dancer, you don’t go back. That’s it,” she said on The Bellas podcast. “If he leaves me, I’m going to the ballet every night because that’s that!”

The two met when Bella was a contestant on DTWS and have been publicly dating since earlier this year.

She wasn’t done gushing about her romance with Chigvintsev. “He just moves those hips. and he’ll even do it naked,” she continued. “I’m sorry. I have to tell ’em! We went two weeks without having sex. It kind of made me like angry, like you know how you get hangry? I don’t know if they have a name for it for sex … but I get hangry.”

Her sister, on the other hand, doesn’t share the same level of activity in the bedroom. She has a 2-year-old daughter, which gets in the way of things. “You know what mom life is like?” Brie said. “A kid making noise, waking you up when you’re making out and getting right there.”

“Bryan comes home Wednesday and we have sex around 8 p.m. So Wednesdays at 8 p.m., if you’re having a cocktail, be like, ‘Wow, Brie and Bryan are boning right now!,'” she joked.

Nikki and Chigvintsev first met when she was on the show in 2017 but she was engaged to John Cena at the time. After that relationship fizzled out, she reconnected with the dancer and the two began dating. They made things open to the public back in July.


“Oh my gosh. It feels so good!” she said at the time. “I don’t have to hide it. I’m such a grabby person, like so PDA. And there’d be times I would just want to grab him so much, and then I’m like, ‘Oh shoot, I got to pretend like I don’t know you.’ But it’s fun. It’s nice ’cause now it’s kind of like having freedom. We could do whatever we want and it’s all good.”

While there don’t seem to be any immediate plans for marriage, the two have been open about their desire to have kids at some point. So we expect some baby Bellas running around someday!