'Modern Family' Star Sarah Hyland Reveals Heartfelt Wedding Gesture for Boyfriend Wells Adams Ahead of Engagement

Modern Family star Sarah Hyland has revealed a heartfelt wedding gesture for boyfriend Wells Adams ahead of their engagement.

According to Us Weekly, the actress took to her Instagram Stories thread to share the headline to a news story that read, "Bride Has Her Bridesmaids Carry Adoptable Shelter Dogs Down the Aisle Instead of Bouquets."

Hyland, who stars as Haley Dunphy on the popular ABC sitcom, reportedly captioned the photo, "I will be doing this."

While the couple have not announced an engagement at this time back in January Adams told Us Weekly, "Everyone thinks [Sarah and I are] engaged right now. … We are not engaged, let me just say that. We just moved in together, so I think we're still kind of, like, feeling each other out, but … it's gonna happen eventually."

The Bachelor in Paradise star then joked that he's "gotta get the ring" first.

Hyland's wedding plan news comes just days after she took to Instagram to show off her Ellen-brand underwear and her kidney transplant scars.

"Hey [The Ellen Show] I know you're besties with Jen but does she wear your underwear outside of her jeans like me? #showyourscars," Hyland wrote in the photo's caption.

(Photo: Instagram / @sarahhyland)

Hyland has previously been open about the fact that she was born with kidney dysplasia, This is a condition where one or both kidneys don't fully form while in the womb. Because of the condition, Hyland has had to undergo 16 different surgeries throughout her lifetime. This included a kidney transplant in 2012, wherein her father gave her a kidney.

Hyland later revealed in December 2018 she had undergone a second transplant in 2017, due to her body rejecting the previous transplant. This time it was her brother that donated a kidney to her.

Speaking candidly about her experiences, Hyland said, "For the first transplant they cut in like this. It kind of looks like either a samurai sword attack or a shark bite. For the nephrectomy, it's pretty much the same, just in a different curvature. And then the second transplant, they put it on the other side, so now I have that from there to there."


"When they do a kidney transplant, they connect the new kidney to your old kidneys in front. It sticks out. I call it my KUPA, kidney upper p— area. Always have. Will forever," she continued. "For me it's always hard for KUPA to be on display. Still mentally it's hard to get over that. But I think personally, for someone being so tiny to have a stomach that looks like the New Jersey turnpike just shows who I am and the kind of character I have."