Meet Halsey's Screenwriter Boyfriend, Alev Aydin

Halsey fans are still catching up on her boyfriend and the father of her child, screenwriter Alev Aydin. The pop singer introduced Aydin to her die-hard fans back in January when she announced her pregnancy on Instagram. Read on for a summary of everything we've learned about him since then.

Halsey and Aydin apparently began as friends, and it's not clear when their relationship turned romantic. Fans often focus particularly on the 11-year age difference between them — Aydin is 38 years old while Halsey is 27. Aydin is a screenwriter best known for a short film called Small Shots, which is about two struggling actors in Hollywood looking for their breakout roles. He also acts, having written and starred in the 2013 dramedy Lonely Boy, which is about a bachelor struggling with schizophrenia. He and Halsey named their son Ender Ridley.

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Aydin brings all of this to a relatively new relationship with Halsey, though the two seem to have been friends for some time now. As far back as March 2019, he shared a "throwback" photo with Halsey on Instagram, meaning that the two must have been well-acquainted before then.

The timeline of their current romantic entanglement is less clear. Halsey fans are very familiar with her heartbreaking romance with rapper G-Eazy, which ended for good in 2018. She then dated sing Yungblud for an unclear period of time, followed by a fling with her long-time celebrity crush Evan Peters. In March of 2020, she was spotted at a Black Lives Matter protest accompanied by Yungblud, but sometime between then and January of 2021, she began seeing Aydin.

The two likely met in Los Angeles, California, though Aydin splits his time between the west coast and New York City. In the fall, he and Halsey were spotted together at Blick shopping for art supplies, in photos published by The Daily Mail. It is unclear if they were romantically linked at the time, or how serious they were.

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Whatever the case, the end result is Halsey's pregnancy announcement earlier this year. The singer posed in loose jeans and a knitted bikini top for a bright and colorful photoshoot with her midsection exposed. She tagged Aydin in the post, and he shared it on his Instagram Story. He also commented on Halsey's post: "Heart so full, I love you, sweetness."

For more details, fans will apparently have to wait for the stars to open up. Halsey has continued to post about her pregnancy and childbirth online but has not gone into great detail about her relationship with Aydin.