Lili Reinhart Reveals 'None of You Know' Full Details About Cole Sprouse Breakup

Lili Reinhart is speaking out and revealing that "none of you know" the full details about her breakup with Riverdale co-star Cole Sprouse. Taking to Instagram, Reinhart posted the cover of a new issue of W Magazine that the couple posed for, and shared the aforementioned comment.

The cover story was actually done months ago, but is only now coming out, just days after it was announced that the couple split up. Initially it seemed that Reinhart could be implying that the couple did not actually split, but it now appears as if she is suggesting that the public simply does not have accurate details regarding their split. The split was reported earlier this week, with Us Weekly stating that multiple sources had confirmed to the outlet that Reinhart and Sprouse had indeed parted ways.

According to the sources, Sprouse was overheard telling attendees at a party that the two had broken up.

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In the article the pair participated in for W, they requested to be interviewed separately. "I'm so glad we're making your job more difficult," Sprouse joked to journalist David Amsden while the two were speaking.

"Lili is an incredibly talented individual who speaks for herself and deserves her own voice box in every single way," the actor later added. "That alone is justification enough for me to do it like this. I don't think we're weaving two different narratives here."

"We're not fighting with the idea that people group us together, but we are paired up a lot," Reinhart said. "We're acknowledging that we're in a relationship, but it's a small part of who we are as people. We want our own separate identities."

The two recently joined their Riverdale co-stars for Comic-Con in San Deigo. While they sat next together during a Riverdale panel, they are said to have avoided one another at an after party.

Notably, it was at the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con that the two were first rumored to be romantically linked, after being seen kissing one another.

They remained very private about their relationship for the next two years, although Sprouse did once speak openly about a date he took Reinhart on.

"I really like the road-trip date. I took my girlfriend on a date where we drove to this location deep into Canada, and I surprised her with a big hot-air balloon adventure, which was quite a bit of fun," Sprouse recalled. "I like traveling quite a bit. I like road-tripping. Those grand experiences always end up yielding the greatest memories — and the greatest romances."


At this time, Sprouse does not appear to have spoken publicly about the breakup.