'Law & Order: SVU' Star Ice-T Scathes Kanye West for Donald Trump White House Meeting

Ice-T spoke to TMZ reporters about Kanye West's explosive White House visit this week, assuring [...]

Ice-T spoke to TMZ reporters about Kanye West's explosive White House visit this week, assuring fans that he would never pull a stunt like that one.

Ice-T and his wife, Coco Austin, spoke to a TMZ camerman in New York City on Saturday. The couple had a discussion about what West's White House visit meant for fans, and how the two figures are remarkably similar in Ice-T's eyes. As far as they are concerned, Ice-T and Coco made it perfectly clear that there are no Oval Office summits coming up in their own futures.

"I'll just say it like this: there is no way on God's Earth I would go meet with Donald Trump," Ice-T said flatly. "I don't see the sense in talking to someone who you obviously can't change their mind, they obviously already have their opinions about us — being the black community, or whatever. I just don't see any use in it."

Ice-T even suggested that West might have done more harm than good with the meeting. He seemed confident that the president was using the rapper to gain a bit more legitimacy and clout, while the relationship was doing the exact opposite for West himself.

"I think that Trump will take advantage of you," he said. "He'll use you for the photo op, he'll put the hat on for a minute that you gave him, then he'll throw it to the side and, and he's back to his bulls—."

As for what is bringing the two unlikely friends together, Ice-T had one simple theory — they have a lot in common. He believes that West and President Trump are similar in all the important ways, especially now that West is so wealthy.

"I really think both of them are very similar people. So I think that's what it is," he said simply.

Austin echoed most of her husband's basic points, and the reporter quickly brought up a comparison between the beloved couple and West and his wife, Kim Kardashian.

"No, don't compare me to Kim and Kanye," Ice-T said. "Let's put it like this, alright? There's a hurricane. People are in danger. There are serious issues. Why the f— are you meeting with a rapper?"

Ice-T addressed the interview on Sunday morning on Twitter. He seemed put off by TMZ's headline, saying that he was "trying to be nice" by speaking to the street-side reporter at all.

"Lol... They caught me last night," he wrote. "I was trying to be nice... Lol."

West and Trump have not responded to Ice-T's criticism as of press time.