Kristen Stewart Allegedly 'Head Over Heels' in Love With Girlfriend Sara Dinkin

Kristen Stewart is reportedly "head over heels" for her new girlfriend, Sara Dinkin, whom she was seen getting close with at Coachella last weekend.

Stewart and Dinkin's relationship is relatively new, as Stewart just broke things off with her ex-girlfriend, Stella Maxwell in December. Still, they seem to be connecting quickly judging by the photos from Coachella, and a source close to them has told Life and Style Magazine that this is a whirlwind romance.

"Those two are inseparable, and most importantly, they're happy," an insider said of Stewart and Dinkin.

Stewart, 29, was previously linked to her Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson before coming out as bisexual. She dated Maxwell, a Belgium-born Victoria's Secret model, from some time in 2016 until 2018 before they broke up. Now, the insider said that one main reason Stewart is "head over heels" for Dinkin is because she prefers to keep things more low-key when it comes to publicity.

"All of Kristen's previous relationships have seemed too full of drama. This time it's different," the insider said. They even added that close friends are starting to speculate that Stewart "could propose soon."

Dinkin, 28, is a well-known wardrobe stylist in Hollywood, where she has worked with some of the industry's biggest stars. She has dressed such A-listers as Julia Michaels, Jessica Szohr and Gillian Jacobs. She herself is something of a fashion icon, setting trends with ease.

The insider guessed that Dinkin's proximity to fame may contribute to her interest in keeping her relationship with Stewart private, which the actress reportedly appreciates. Stewart broke out as the moody star of the Twilight saga, but has since sought out more serious projects as both an actress and a director.

She has also worked to keep her private life to herself, which is a difficult task for a star of her stature. In fact, this might have been a sore subject between her and Maxwell, as a source previously told Us Weekly that "they stopped seeing eye-to-eye and were living very different lives."


Stewart has endured endless speculation and discussion of her sexuality since her days as Bella Swan. In 2017, she finally addressed the questions on Saturday Night Live, describing herself as "so gay." Later, she gave an interview with The Guardian clarifying that she is bisexual.

"You're not confused if you're bisexual. It's not confusing at all. For me, it's quite the opposite," she noted.