Julianne Hough Calls Husband Brooks Laich's Thirst Trap Photos 'Awesome'

Julianne Hough is commenting on her husband Brooks Laich's "thirst trap" photos, calling the pictures, "awesome." On Wednesday, Laich shared some shirtless photos on his Instagram page, showing off his chiseled physique and ripped muscles as he holds an ax and chainsaw while wadding in a lake. In the caption, he referred to the post as a "thirst trap," and joked "I just heard that term a few weeks ago."

Hough replied, praising the photos, and joking about how Laich only just recently discovered what thirst trap photos are. "You know how I do (5 years late)," he quipped back. In the caption, Laich explained that the "3 ridiculous shots" are part of challenge from his How Men Think podcast producer Torrie Belle Miraldi. He called the pics "completely over the top and ridiculous," and the joked, "Here you go internet, feast your eyes on this senseless carousel!" Many others have since commented on the post, with stand-up comedian Josh Adam Meyers joking, "People will think this is staged but little do they know this is you all the time."

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Hough commenting on Laich's post is somewhat of a surprise, as the Dancing with the Stars pro was recently spotted out without her wedding ring. Additionally, the pair have been quarantining separately, throughout the coronavirus pandemic, with Hough in Los Angeles, and Laich in Idaho. During an Instagram Live with Oprah magazine in April, Hough shared, "I've been on my own. My husband is in Idaho doing lots of yard work and so we're kind of doing our separate things right now, but it's really been a magical time."


Also in April, during an episode of his How Men Think, Laich shared that the reason he chose to quarantine at the property he owns in Idaho is because he has "always wanted to spend more time" there. He also shared that the couple's husky, Koda, has been keeping him company. "Koda is awesome, man. I'm up in Idaho, I'm at my house in Idaho," Laich shared . "I spend all day outside. I'm outside from like, 7:30 until 5 o'clock. I have 10-and-a-half acres here. Our property's pretty big and I've just been doing a mass cleaning of it. Like, everything. Building some rock walls, chainsawing down some trees, clearing brush, you name it."