Joshua Jackson Has Bizarre Wardrobe Mishap by Accidentally Wearing Pregnant Wife Jodie Turner-Smith's Jeans to 'Important Meeting'

Actor Joshua Jackson must have been in a rush this weekend when he accidentally packed his wife Jodie Turner-Smith's jeans for a business trip. The 41-year-old posted on his Instagram Story to share the awkward moment with fans, who laughed along with him. Still, it looks like Jackson was able to fit into Turner-Smith's pants — just barely.

Jackson shared a snapshot of his ill-fitting mistake on Instagram, revealing the skin-tight jeans that did not quite fit, depending on your definition. It showed only his legs, where the denim was riding up at the ankles and hugging a little too tightly elsewhere.

"That feeling when you realize you packed your ladies jeans for that important meeting," Jackson wrote with a face-palm emoji.

Jackson did not show his face in the photo, but his tall frame was unmistakable. Fans have followed his work since the days of Dawson's Creek, in many cases, and his new relationship with Turner-Smith is a fan-favorite.

Jackson and Turner-Smith got together in 2018. Their relationship started out relatively private, but it moved pretty fast — before long, they were spotted together in Los Angeles, Nicaragua and other locales, slowly becoming an Instagram-official item. They married just last month, according to a report by PEOPLE, but they have not made an official public debut since.

However, they have even more good news now, as Turner-Smith is reportedly pregnant with the couple's first child. A source told Us Weekly the happy news, which seemed to be confirmed in public sightings since. Fans are overjoyed for the couple, especially because of Turner-Smith's frank admission about her new husband. In a recent interview with W. Magazine, she said that Jackson was her first teenage crush.

"It was Pacey from Dawson's Creek! I was a very young teenager," she said.

To many fans — especially those who have pined after TV characters or celebrities — this was a sweet story of a dream come true. It was all the more heartwarming for Turner-Smith, who hails from an immigrant family and fought her way into the entertainment industry.


"The first job I booked was on True Blood," she recalled. "I played a blood siren. I was naked, covered in blood, with a p— 'fro. For the audition, they said they were looking for diverse women who had to be comfortable with nudity, and I thought, Check, check: I have a chance to get this part."

Since then, Turner Smith has gone on to star in The Last Ship, Nightflyers, Jett and, most recently, Queen & Slim. There is no word yet on her due-date.