John Cena Tweets 'No Regret' After Nikki Bella Calls off Wedding

John Cena has addressed his most recent break-up with Nikki Bella in a cryptic tweet posted on Monday.

Cena and Bella shocked fans when they called off their wedding in April. The two have slowly worked to reconcile their relationship, but once again it led nowhere. On Sunday, the season finale of Total Bellas showed Bella calling off the wedding once again. Cena offered his takeaway on Twitter the next evening.

"If you can learn something from your experiences, good and bad, you will live with little to no regret," he wrote.

The 41-year-old wrestler has put on a brave face throughout the whole roller caoster romance, as has Bella herself. However, in the show she held nothing back, putting all of her conflicting feelings on the line.

"I've ruined everyone's fairy tale. My heart hurts so bad," the 34-year-old said. "...Even though I was going through depression, I think when you have a relationship in the public eye, it's like you don't want to let your fans down."

Bella acknowledged that a relationship between two famous people can take on a larger meaning than the feelings between them. She did not blame her fans for this dilemma, however — merely lamented its sad reality.

"Everyone's fairy tale was John and I getting married, Superman and Wonder Woman finally found each other. This is everyone's happily ever after," she said. "So, you just force yourself to believe it, too, even if you start to feel something different."

The first wedding cancellation back in the spring came less than a month before their projected wedding date. Similarly, this time around, they broke up within a couple weeks of their wedding yet again. The show follows Bella frantically trying to plan the big day while Cena is busy with his career. In one scene, Bella's twin sister visits the potential venue with her while Cena himself cannot make it.

"John should be here, not me," Brie Bella said. "Your wedding is around the corner."

Later in the episode, Bella admitted that she might have jumped the gun in getting back together, just because she was excited when Cena agreed to have kids with her.


"It's tough 'cause he's like fighting really hard for me. … The tables have kind of turned," she explained. "I didn't give myself long enough the first time we broke up because I got so excited he wanted kids."

By all appearances, this break-up is much more permanent.