John Cena Possibly Shades Ex Nikki Bella After Being 'Ridiculed, Judged and Belittled'

Is there more drama brewing between John Cena and Nikki Bella?

The formerly-engaged couple may be having a bit of a spat right now if the WWE superstar's Twitter is to be believed.

Tuesday, Cena tweeted, "Being ridiculed, judged, and belittled is unfortunately commonplace whenever you decide to face your fears, but when it comes from those who are supposed to care about you ask yourself if they really do?"

Fans were quick to speculate the message might be meant for Bella, who called off their wedding in April following doubts about their relationship, her desire to have kids and his career taking him in different directions.

"Letting go of those who you once cared about, once you realize they don't really care about you, is hard," one follower advised. "You may feel alone after you make that decision but it will be better because you stood up for yourself. #selfcare #selflove"

"It is usually the ones that are closest to you..They know our weaknesses...." another added.

The end of Cena and Bella's six-year relationship was captured on the most recent season of Total Bellas, which showed their original break up, Cena agreeing to have children with Bella so they could get back together, and then Bella ultimately calling off the wedding after realizing she had deeper concerns about their relationship.

"I didn't give myself long enough when we called it off the first time...I just realized there's deeper problems," she said in a July episode of the E! series. "To have a happy, healthy lifetime with him, I have to take a while for myself."

Since then, the two have been spotted out and around together, but in a July YouTube video, Bella insisted she and her ex were "just friends."

In September, she told Us Weekly, "I think John and I will always be good friends. We just have such a great relationship."

She even revealed she was planning on getting back out there in the dating world.

"It's kind of boring in the dating life, but other than that, it's been a lot of fun," she said. "I've just been busy working and I just love everything that [sister Brie Bella] and I are up to. It's just been a lot of fun."

Based on the Total Divas trailer promoting the new season of the reality show, premiering Wednesday, she will be having a lot of fun getting flirty with a younger guy!


Total Divas premieres a brand new season Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET on E!.

Photo credit: NBC / Nathan Congleton