Jessica Rothe, 'Happy Death Day 2U' Star Reveals Engagement to Eric Clem

Happy Death Day 2U star Jessica Rothe and Eric Clem are ready to tie the knot!

Rothe, 31, revealed the big Valentine's Day news on Instagram in the form of a photo montage of herself, her dog Otis and her husband-to-be.

"Cat's out of the bag!" Rothe wrote. "Happy Valentine's Day to my brilliant, amazing, wonderful, how-did-I-get-so-lucky FIANCÉ and of course, most importantly, to Otis the pup."

Clem chimed in on his own Instagram, posting one of the photos from the montage and confirming the news.

"It's on TV so it's officially official: we're ENGAGED [as f—]!" he wrote. "Otis is undecided in his emotions but we're excited as heeeeeell!"

Rothe's montage has been viewed more than 57,000 times, and the couple's posts have been liked a combined total of more than 19,000 times.

After a notable role in the acclaimed La La Land, Rothe broke out in a big way as the star of the first Happy Death Day film in 2017. That movie made $125.5 million against a $4.8 million budget, which led to a second film, Happy Death Day 2U. The sequel is already garnering positive reviews and is projected to earn $14 million in its first week, already surpassing its $9 million budget.

Rothe has been open about how much she loved revisiting the world of Happy Death Day, which takes place on many of the same sets and locales as the first movie.

"Going back was kind of like going back to summer camp," she told Kidzworld. "Everybody came back. Most of the crew came back for this as well. I was also really excited about the chance of exploring a totally different element of Tree's personality because, in the first one, we watch her transform from this kind of snobby, bitchy sorority girl to badass and, in the second one, she starts out as a badass but then finds herself in a very difficult and emotionally wrought situation and she has to make some pretty big decisions."

She added, "We were back in New Orleans on a lot of our same sets and even the bed was the same and the posters were the same and it was a huge sense of déjà vu which only helped my character. The thing that's so lovely about this movie is even though it is a loop and we're returning, all of the situations Tree finds herself in are so different that there is freedom to behave differently."


Happy Death Day 2U is currently in theaters.