Jessica Biel Reportedly Still Has 'Suspicions' Over Justin Timberlake's PDA Scandal With Alisha Wainwright

After Justin Timberlake found himself entangled in a PDA scandal with actress, Alisha Wainwright while shooting for their new movie, Palmer in New Orleans, the singer's wife Jessica Biel reportedly still has her "suspicions" about her husband's alleged shortcomings. While the two are "making a big effort" to overcome accusations of cheating in both an emotional and physical capacity, sources close to the two report that she "hasn't fully forgiven him" following the public humiliation.

After Timberlake publicly apologized about the incident in a post shared to his Instagram admitting it was all "a strong lapse in judgement," sources close to the couple tell Us Weekly that the Tennessee native has a lot of work to do before getting back into his wife's good books. A source tells the publication that while he is taking major steps to regain her trust following the incident, the two will be spending the Christmas holiday together as she is ready for some alone time with him.

"He has been so sweet to her and is making sure that Jessica knows how much she means to him," the source claimed before adding that she still has her suspicions over everything that happened.

"Jessica gets bothered when Justin seems like he's on his phone for too long and she still has her suspicions, but he is insisting that nothing happened and has been telling her that she has zero reason not to trust him," the source alleged. "She has made it known that she is not happy with him drinking too much and for acting the way that he did. He knows he messed up and has been on his best behavior."

While shooting for his new movie Palmer this past November, Timberlake was spotted holding hands and reportedly getting cozy with co-star, Wainwright at a bar in photos published by The Sun. Seated alongside the 30-year-old starlet on the balcony of beloved Big Easy site, The Absinthe House, Timberlake was seen holding her hands under a table, with another snapshot captured of Wainwright's hand on his leg. The "Sexy Back" singer was also spotted not wearing his wedding ring — though many can assume that is for the movie's role. The Sun alleges he and Wainwright were "chatting and drinking" in the bar at around midnight, with the pair smiling and laughing together.


While much speculation has sprung around the details of their relationship with reports sourcing Biel would also allegedly visit the set, she is seemingly not letting any of that bother her. In the weeks following the hand-holding saga, the multitalented actress and producer is hard at work on her next project, a '90s-set thriller titled Last Summer. With nostalgia of yesteryear being a big draw for TV audiences now, Biel is looking to capitalize on the genre with Freeform for the series, set across three summers in small town Texas.

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