WATCH: 'Jersey Shore' Star Gets Candid About Her Marriage

Despite the fairytale themed tattoos on her arms, Jersey Shore star Jenni 'JWoww' Farley doesn't believe in happily ever after, or at least not in the Disney Princess-sense. The reality star recently opened up to ET about her marriage and what her latest tattoos really mean.

"To me, there's no happily ever after unless you truly work for it," Farley said.

She and husband Roger Matthews have been together for years and have two kids together – Meilani, 2, and Greyson Valor, 3-months. Though she says that they are happy together, they work at it every day.

"There are deal breakers in our relationship that we would separate over," she confessed to ET's Katie Krause, saying neither she or Roger would ever tolerate "cheating" or "things you can't go back in time" to fix. "Thank god we have never had to deal with that. But I definitely wouldn't say it's not an option, because if you are truly unhappy, you shouldn't stay in a relationship."

"We've been together almost seven years. Day in, day out – especially raising two children – the differences of opinions on how to raise them, where to live, where to send our kids to school – you have to find happy middle ground on those issues," she admitted.

To remind herself that happiness takes work in a relationship, Farley got a bold tattoo sleeve. From the looks of it, one might mistake it for celebrating the love and happiness in fairytales, but only after looking closer does the true meaning become clear.

"I always make joke, me and my friends do, [that] Disney screwed my perception of men – and that's basically my sleeve," Farley explained discussing her "happily never after" ink. "Growing up I'm like, 'Oh my god, why isn't Prince Eric saving me/' you know what I mean? So I took the four main love stories that I loved and I changed all the men."

Looking closer, it's clear that there is something "off" with all the princes. The Beast is still a beast. Eric seems to want nothing to do with Ariel. Prince Charming is laughing at Cinderella, who is crying. Sleeping Beauty seems to be dead as if Prince Phillip didn't come to save her. In the end, having a prince doesn't make life better.


But when it comes to her "prince," Farley couldn't seem happier.

"He's my best friend," she said. "He's the only person in this world that puts me in my place, so I actually respect him even more for that, and I love him for that because he can call me out on my B.S."