'Blue Bloods' Star Donnie Wahlberg Shades Peloton Controversy With Christmas Present for Wife Jenny McCarthy

Donnie Wahlberg has weighed in on the Peloton bike controversy. The actor/producer went on [...]

Donnie Wahlberg has weighed in on the Peloton bike controversy. The actor/producer went on Instagram to show off his Christmas gift to wife Jenny McCarthy — which happened to be the smart exercise bike. In the caption, Wahlberg seemed to be quite aware of the enormous blowback the Peloton Christmas ad caused on social media, even having a bit of fun with it.

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"So, if a guys wife really wants him to get her an exercise bike for Christmas, even if she doesn't appear to need one, and her husband thinks she is perfect in every way, but the wife thinks the bike will give her tremendous joy and she has told her husband on NUMEROUS OCCASSIONS that she really wants one — all facts — is he a good hubby if he surprises her with the bike or does he get [sic] cancelled? Asking for a friend," Wahlberg wrote.

The Peloton ad debuted earlier this month and featured a wife receiving one of the smart bikes for Christmas. It quickly drew ire from social media, as the wife, played by actress Monica Ruiz, seems genuinely unhappy with her new exercise routine. The ad was accused of everything from showing an outdated portrayal of marriage to being downright sexist.

The blowback was so significant that Ryan Reynolds made fun of the whole thing with an ad for his company, Aviation Gin. Titled "The Gift That Doesn't Give Back," it even featured Ruiz reprising her role as the infamous 'Peloton wife,' who seemed to be... coping with her new gift while out with her friends.

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Exercise bike not included. #AviationGin

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Wahlberg, meanwhile, has previously stated he's certain he "could definitely fool" McCarthy if he were to appear on The Masked Singer, the singing competition series where she works as a judge. Though it's anyone's guess if he'll be able to keep her Christmas gift a surprise, as well.

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