Dixie D'Amelio and Noah Beck's Incredible Valentine's Day Date Revealed

Dixie D'Amelio and her boyfriend Noah Beck celebrated Valentine's Day in a big way. After people took to social media to mark the love-filled occasion, Beck, a TikTok star, took to YouTube to dish details about he and D'Amelio's Valentine’s Day date, revealing that he surprised the signer with a trip to Catalina Island in California.

"Tomorrow is the start of Dixie and I's Valentine's Day weekend. I have some cute things planned for us that I’m really excited to get 'em going," Beck begins the video. "She has no idea any of this is happening. As you can see, I'm packing here. A little stuff to get me through the weekend. But yeah, I'm very excited for what we have in store."

After revealing the gifts he planned to give his girlfriend when asking her to be his valentine – two boxes of Venus et Fleur flowers and a couple's goals book, among other things – the video cut to the couple in the car as they began the first day of their weekend trip. Beck asked D'Amelio if she had "any idea where we're going," though D'Amelio admitted she had no idea. The pair then set off to Catalina Island on a helicopter, with the eight-minute-long YouTube documenting their trip, which included a guided tour and a little zip-lining.

The Valentine's Day date was an adorable occasion for the young couple, who first sparked rumors of romance in August 2020 when they were spotted getting dinner together at a restaurant in Los Angeles. In the weeks that followed, the couple insisted they were just friends before confirming they were dating in October of that year. Beck revealed the news in an interview with AwesomenessTV, confirming, "I am dating Dixie D'Amelio." According to PEOPLE, he said his singer girlfriend "is amazing" and "an awesome girl," adding, "it's been really fun and so I'm excited for the future with her."

The couple has been going strong ever since, with Beck even revealing that his mind has been on marriage when speaking with Entertainment Tonight earlier this year. Although he acknowledged, "we've only been dating for almost four months, it's not even four months. I can definitely see myself marrying Dixie, and that's the goal. I don't wanna waste my time. I don't wanna be with someone if the intention is not to date to marry them." He said he believes D'Amelio is his "forever person."