David Otunga Wins Custody of His Son After Breakup With Jennifer Hudson

The custody battle between WWE star David Otunga and The Voice judge Jennifer Hudson is over, and Otunga has been named the primary custodial parent of David Jr. The couple has had a tumultuous break-up of their ten-year-long engagement, but it seems they've finally reached an agreement that works for everyone.

In addition to conceding custody to Otunga, Hudson has voluntarily dropped her order of protection against him, which kept him out of their family home and away from their 8-year-old son for a time. There's no word yet on how things stand between the two personally. Hudson had recently testified in court that she was scared for the safety of herself and her son when she was around Otunga.

Otunga says that he's been David Jr.'s primary caregiver since he was born, since Hudson travels for work so often. Hudson is currently in London, shooting The Voice UK. After that, she'll have to spend quite a bit of time in Los Angeles for the show's American counterpart.

Although the protective order is no longer valid, Otunga says he has no plans to move back into their previous family home in Chicago. He and David Jr. will presumably stay in the area.

Hudson's early statements portrayed Otunga as an intrusive and combative parent during their break-up. She told the judge that Otunga had intimidated her son into spying on her and reduced him to tears. She also said that she feared Otunga would take their son away from her, after an incident where Otunga checked David Jr. out of school without her knowledge.


This is at odds with Otunga's claim that he's the primary caregiver. Hudson's fears seemed to be at least partially assuaged when she allowed her son to spend Thanksgiving with his father.

No details have been released about Hudson's part in the custody arrangement so far.