Chris Pratt Reportedly Has 'Major Problems' With Anna Faris' New Beau

The ongoing divorce between Chris Pratt and Anna Faris is reportedly getting contentious, as sources close to Pratt say it breaks his heart to see his son bonding with Faris' new boyfriend.

"Chris is having major problems with Anna's new boyfriend co-parenting their son," an insider told In Touch Weekly on the condition of anonymity. "They've been arguing about it."

The tipster goes on to explain that Pratt not only feels like Faris is moving too fast, but that she's keeping him in the dark as well. Pratt believes he should have been consulted before the couple's son, Jack, was introduced to Faris's new boyfriend, Michael Barrett. Pratt thinks that Barrett's sudden involvement will only confuse and hurt 5-year-old Jack.

"She didn't sit Chris down and say, 'Jack is going to meet Michael,'" the source explained. "That conversation should have happened first, but it didn't. That's why Chris was so upset." They added that "The conversation" did ultimately happen, but only "after the photos of Jack and Michael came out."

Barrett and Jack have been photographed together several times now, first on a stroll through Los Angeles, where Jack was seen sitting on Barrett's shoulders. A few days later, they were spotted together again on the Redondo Beach Pier, having lunch with Faris, as well as Barrett's son from a previous marriage. The insider noted that Faris was "already blending their families."

Though Pratt and Faris announced their break-up over the summer, Pratt didn't officially file divorce paperwork until Dec. 1, so he reportedly perceived the timing of these mid-December photos as a further sleight. Rumors have circulated that Pratt suspects Faris of having cheated on him before they decided to split, as her romance with Barrett began just a month after their joint announcement.

Meanwhile, Faris is reportedly weary of upsetting Pratt, who has the ability to slow the divorce proceedings. The source told reporters: "She plans on marrying him. And Michael wants to marry her, but he'd like to propose once the divorce is finalized."


Pratt knows firsthand how quickly Faris moves. She's been candid about the fact that she began seeing Pratt immediately after her divorce from actor Ben Indra in 2007. All signs suggest that Faris is eager to make Barrett her third husband -- the only question is how difficult Pratt will make that for her.

"They have 50/50 custody for now," the insider says, "but the fights have gotten heated. And it could get worse."