Cheryl Burke Scores Legal Victory in Matthew Lawrence Divorce

Cheryl Burke and Matthew Lawrence's divorce seemed to be final back in September, but one matter still lingered for the couple to settle — the custody of their dog, Ysabella. As TMZ notes, Burke recently earned a big win in the legal dispute, with the outlet confirming the Dancing With the Stars alum won custody of the dog. 

TMZ reported that Burke and Lawrence struck a deal to decide the custody arrangement for Ysabella. Burke was reportedly awarded all ownership rights. With this arrangement, Lawrence will give up all documents pertaining to the animal and will no longer be listed as a "pet parent" for the Home Again service that they once shared. The now-divorced couple was set to go to trial regarding custody of Ysabella. But, now that they have reached an agreement, all discovery has been withdrawn. Although, TMZ did note that a judge has not yet signed off on the matter. 

Burke hasn't shied away from speaking out about this dilemma in public. In October 2022, she spoke with Entertainment Tonight about the custody drama, calling it "cruel" that Lawrence would fight her about the ordeal. The DWTS alum got emotional as she said, "It's just really sad, you know." She added, "It sucks because, for me, it's just cruel. She's my dog, and it was a gift from my ex, and I hope that this soon, you know, dies down, and he calls it off. Because you're taking, like, my daughter away from me." Burke also opened up about the situation that same month on her Burke in the Game podcast.

"We are going to go to trial -- unless he all of a sudden calls it off, but that would happen… and that will happen in January," Burke said. "I'm just still really hurt by the whole situation. You know, that's my dog. Ysabella is my daughter." She added about her pet, "I'm a dog mom. And that's it. I can't even imagine my life. I mean, I could just cry right now but, like, couldn't imagine my life without her." While the matter of Ysabella's custody was still undecided up until recently, Burke and Lawrence's divorce was finalized in September. It was originally reported in February 2022 that they were getting a divorce after three years of marriage.