Carey Hart Gushes Over Wife Pink in 13th Wedding Anniversary Tribute

Carey Hart and Pink are celebrating 13 years of marriage.

On Tuesday, Hart, a former motocross rider, took to Instagram to mark his anniversary with a touching tribute to his wife, reflecting on their "amazing life and family together" as he shared a sweet snap of them smiling with the ocean at their backs.

"Can't believe it's our 13th wedding anniversary," the 43-year-old BMX athlete wrote. "Who would have thought two misfits like us could pull it off!!! I'm very grateful for you, baby. We have created an amazing life and family together. I love you. #17YearsStrong"

(Photo: Instagram / @hartluck)

Hart and Pink, whose real name is Alecia Moore, began dating in 2001 and tied the knot on Jan. 7, 2006 in an intimate ceremony in Costa Rica. They have since welcomed two children together, daughter Willow, 7, and son Jameson, who just celebrated his second birthday last month.

Speaking to The Guardian in 2017, Pink opened up about her marriage, revealing that she and Hart have remained strong all this time because they have put in the work.

"Monogamy is work! But you do the work and it's good again," she said. "There are moments where I look at (Hart) and (think) he is the most thoughtful, logical, constant ... he's like a rock. He's a good man. He's a good dad. He's just the kind of dad I thought he'd be and then some. And then I'll look at him and go: I've never liked you. There's nothing I like about you. We have nothing in common. I don't like any of the s--- you like. I don't ever wanna see you again. Then two weeks later I'm like, 'Things are so good, you guys.'"

Although their marriage has had its share of ups and downs, including a temporary split in 2008, they have formed a tight bond and frequently can't resist gushing about one another on social media, whether it be about their love for one another, praising each other's parenting skills, or supporting each other in their latest endeavors.


"The weight you carry and the strength you have has always fascinated me. What you've accomplished in your life (the impossible, many many times) and what you continue to do (invent, live, love, forgive, alchemize) is incredible," Pink wrote of Hart in 2017 when celebrating his birthday. "You, my dear, are incredible. You're gorgeous inside and out (we know) -you're the good egg that never cracks. We love you to the moon, the sun, we'd follow you anywhere."