Cardi B Explains Reunion With Offset in Puerto Rico

Cardi B and Offset reunited in Puerto Rico on Friday, but the reason was more practical than romantic for Cardi B herself.

The recently separated rappers were photographed together by TMZ last week. They rode jet skis around the tropical getaway, Cardi B clinging to Offset's waist in a white bikini. Both also posted pictures from their trip on Instagram, though they did not feature each other at all.

Fans thought that the couple might be back together after the pictures surfaced. The two had been married for about a year when they broke up, and they share an infant daughter named Kulture as well. Many wanted to see a happy ending for the young family, while others hoped that Cardi B would stick to her guns. She broke it off with her husband after numerous cheating scandals.

Finally, Cardi B set the record straight on Instagram Live. Speaking directly to her fans in her signature brash style, she revealed the real reason that she was seen with her ex.

"I just had to get f—ed, that's all," the 26-year-old rapper said with a sly smile. "I feel rejuvenated, b—. I feel baptized. I feel like a brand new f—ing woman."

This is not the first time Cardi B has gotten explicit about her love life with Offset. Just last week, she was on Instagram Live lamenting how she missed Offset -- physically, at least.

"I miss the D," she said bluntly. "I'm about to relapse and call this n—. I miss it, a lot."

She went on to use more colorful language from their, describing how she wanted her ex to "destroy" and "demolish" her.

Still, judging by her latest live broadcast, those feelings did not translate into anything romantic. Cardi B got back on Instagram Live to explain the meet-up in Puerto Rico and condemn the fans that were recording her live videos. After speaking in Spanish for a few minutes, she jumped into an angry monologue.

"I know n—s is tight because they don't understand me, but I be telling y'all, stop recording my f—ing Live... That's when they be f—ing putting me on the blogs. So now I'm going to speak in Spanish."

After that, Cardi B showed her followers how she "really feels about you motherf—ers," holding her phone down low and farting into the microphone.


"N—s can't even go jet skiing," she lamented.

Cardi B announced her split from Offset in a similar fashion on Instagram Live earlier this month. The rapper made her name through her unfiltered use of social media, and she seems intent on keeping it up as she skyrockets to global fame.