'Blue Bloods' Star Donnie Wahlberg and Wife Jenny McCarthy Step out for 'Date Night' in New Jersey

Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy enjoyed a night out on the town as seen in Wahlberg's latest Instagram post. The two went out to eat in East Brunswick, New Jersey.

The couple hasn't been shy about letting the world know how much they love one another.

Speaking with US Weekly, the pair explained how they have renewed their vows every year since marrying one another in 2014.

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"We do it every year. And people go, ‘Why?’ And we go, ‘Why not?’ Because it’s just something we always want,” McCarthy shared. “He surprised me this year with our minister. But we always do it! And it’s so nice to take that moment when you’re so busy to remember those words that you say to each other and the vows and the promises. Not that we need it, but it’s nice to do.”

Wahlberg captured their latest renewed, which marked five years of marriage, in an Instagram post back in September.

"Every renewal feels like this. We can’t believe it’s been five years because it feels like it’s been a lifetime,” she told Us on Tuesday. “But also feels like it’s been two weeks. It’s weird because we have that new love feeling.”

The power couple provided PEOPLE with a tour of their Chicago home, a residence in which they commute back and forth from as they both work in the New York area.

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McCarthy said they are in Chicago Friday to Monday before heading off to the Big Apple where she hosts a radio show and Wahlberg films for Blue Bloods.

Wahlberg added that the home has become a reminder of who the couple is.


“This isn’t an extravagant home, but there’s no greater symbol of our love for each other than this house and how much love has gone into it,” he said.

Wahlberg is currently in the middle of filming Season 10 of Blue Bloods. Meanwhile, McCarthy won't be participating in the New Year's Rockin Eve special. She announced on her Sirius XM show last month that due to shooting The Masked Singer in December and January, she won't have much time with her family and at the urging of their children, opted to stay home for the holiday.