Ayesha Curry Speaks Out Regarding Controversial NBA Tweets

(Photo: Twitter / @people)

When the Golden State Warriors lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 6 of the NBA finals this year, Ayesha Curry, wife to Warriors player Stephen Curry, sent out an angry tweet after her husband was ejected from the game, calling the NBA "rigged."

"I've lost all respect sorry this is absolutely rigged for money… Or ratings in (sic) not sure which. I won't be silent. Just saw it live sry," she wrote.

Curry has since deleted the tweet, but in a new interview with PEOPLE, she reveals that she never intended to cause such controversy.

"I was just a fan in that moment so I didn't think about the ramifications," she said. "I regret the way that I voiced how hurt I was. I felt hurt for [Steph], and I didn't mean to offend anybody. Obviously, what I wrote is not what I think about what he does for a living."

The mom of two added that she originally started using social media as a way to share her life.

"I've always wanted to live unapologetically," she explained. "I'm proud of my family and proud of the people around me. That's why I share our lives on social media, because they make me happy."

"When we started on social media, we just thought it was the cool thing to do. We didn't know it would turn into this big beast of a thing. I think now that's it's turned into this whole ‘brand' thing, I want to make sure I stay transparent and honest and true to myself."

Through it all, Curry has had the support of her husband.

"I know her intentions," he said. "I know where she was coming from. You're not going to win any battles on Twitter, so I tell her, ‘Keep being you. Keep doing what you're doing. Don't worry about what people are going to say. No matter who you are, they are going to try to find something to try to get under your skin and make you be somebody you're not.'"


Curry did admit, however, that she let the negativity get to her at first.

“Since all this hoopla has happened, I have been a victim of reading the comments,” she said. “It hurts my feelings because I didn’t intend to hurt anybody. I apologized for it, and I feel like people should move on. There’s a lot more serious things going on in the world.”