Actress and Pop Singer Tying the Knot After 8 Years of Dating

South Korean pop star SE7EN and Korean-Australian actress Lee Da-hae just revealed that they have set a date for their wedding. The fan-favorite couple broke the news on Instagram in heartfelt notes addressed to their fans. They revealed that they will say their vows on May 6.

Lee Da-hae is a 38-year-old actress born in Seoul and raised primarily in Sydney, Australia. She is best known for her roles in "K-dramas" – serialized Korean TV shows that have gained international acclaim in the age of streaming. Lee has achieved international success of her own thanks to her multilingual acting skills – she is fluent in Korean, Japanese, Chinese and English. Meanwhile, SE7EN or Seven is the stage name for Choi Dong-wook, a 38-year-old pop star with a large following in Japan, China and the U.S. as well. It's not hard to imagine why the two are a great fit, and they have been dating since 2015.

Lee and Choi broke the news of their engagement on Instagram on Monday. A translation of Lee's post published by Soompi reads: "As we have been in a relationship for eight years, this might not really be surprising, but I'm not sure why I feel so shy... I thought a lot about how to tell you about this. This upcoming May, we promised to develop our long-time relationship into marriage. I'm still more used to calling him my boyfriend, but I will become a good wife who gives much strength and is more considerate to this person who has reliably protected my side and given me great happiness and who will now become my partner forever."

"I think it will make us really happy if we can get married with love and blessings from all of you," Lee continued with smiling emoticons interspersed with her words. "I will also repay all of your love in the future by impressing more as an actress and as a wife of a family!! Thank you."

Choi's post was similar, reading: "2023 marks 20 years since my debut. I think this would not have been possible without the love of fans who always show unchanging support. I am really grateful and thankful. Today, there is joyful news that I want to share with you first. I promised marriage on May 6 with my girlfriend Lee Da-hae who has been with me through the ups and downs and has always embraced my lacking self with love for the past eight years."

"From now on as the head of a household and as a husband, I will live more maturely with a greater sense of responsibility," Choi went on. "I once again express gratitude to everyone who always supports me, and I will greet you again in a positive light!!! Thank you."