Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott Shamed for Leaving Stormi to Party at Coachella

Dozens of celebrities flock to Coachella every spring, and Kylie Jenner wasn't going to let her new status as a mom stop her from going this year — but some of her fans aren't too happy with that decision.

(Photo: Instagram / @kyliejenner)

Jenner shared a multitude of snaps on social media documenting her outfits, hair colors and all-around good times at the music festival with boyfriend Travis Scott, but some of her Instagram followers took to the comments section to air their disapproval of her activities.

Jenner and Scott welcomed their baby girl, Stormi Webster, on Feb. 1.

"Poor Stormi! Dumped as a accessory by the nanny so her childish mother can get drunk three days in a row. Only parading around with her baby to show off her Fendi stroller," one person wrote, referencing Jenner's Instagram post from earlier in the week.

"I just know that if I was a mumma and I had a baby only two months ago, I’d be home with her/him every second. Of course I’d want a break, no doubt about it. I just personally feel as if two months is barely enough time to be able to leave your baby in the hands of other people," another said.

A third chimed in, "You should be home breastfeeding your daughter. You out here drinking alcohol [shaking my head]."

Some of Jenner's fans defended the 20-year-old mom, writing that "just because she's a celebrity doesn't make her any less human."

"You have a child don't you, I'm sure you've had your nights out," one said.

"Why are you all pressed over HER daughter?! It’s her life, let her do whatever," another wrote.

Jenner shared a rare and candid glimpse at her relationship with Scott over the weekend. In the trippy Coachella photo, Scott is shown looking down at his phone as Jenner sips on a drink. The couple appears to be sitting in some sort of party bus or RV with black-light lighting.

Jenner's neon pink wig glows in the light, making it the highlight of the photo.

Aside from that shot, Jenner also took to Instagram to reveal two new photos of herself wearing the hot pink wig. In the photos, she is shown posing outdoors while wearing a white tank top.

(Photo: Instagram / @kyliejenner)

In the caption of the first photo, the new mom channeled June George (Amy Poehler) from Mean Girls in one of the movie's most beloved scenes.

"I’m not a regular mom. I’m a cool mom," Jenner wrote.


That photo has received 7.1 million likes on Instagram as of press time.

Coachella marks a big milestone for Jenner and Scott, as the 2017 edition of the festival was the first time they stepped out publicly as a couple. The pair was spotted holding hands around the festival grounds, and they have been a public item ever since.