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Colin Trevorrow Details How Involved He Is With Jurassic World 2

Joseph Schmidt


Despite having just two films under his belt, Colin Trevorrow has quickly become one of the biggest names in Hollywood. After hitting the scene with the Sundance darling Safety Not Guaranteed, the director took the reins of restarting the Jurassic Park franchise and made one of the most successful films in box office history.

Now the director of Jurassic World is splitting his time helping on the sequel, promoting his forthcoming movie The Book Of Henry, and beginning production on his biggest project to date — Star Wars: Episode IX.


Despite not sticking around to helm Jurassic World 2, Trevorrow is still working on the film as a producer. He revealed to Coming Soon how involved he remains on J. A. Bayona’s followup to the 2015 box office smash.

“‘Jurassic’ ended up taking up more time and attention than I expected just because I care about it so much,” said Trevorrow. “I surprised myself by how much I wanted to be there for J.A. [Bayona], just as a writer. I remember directing a ‘Jurassic Park’ movie and how much I would have loved to have a writer to think about the dailies and wonder what alterations we could make that would make it that much more effective. I was there with him every day to try and provide something for him that I didn’t have myself.”

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It sounds like even though he’s not involved with the direction of the film that he’s maintaining a creative role in the production. Bayona is an established filmmaker but also spoke about embracing the collaborative nature of this film.

At least Trevorrow will be on hand to maintain a sense of creative continuity for the two films, even if his focus is divided between his other projects.

Trevorrow’s next film The Book Of Henry hits theaters June 16.

Jurassic World is set to premiere in theaters June 22, 2018.

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